Sunday Do-Good Days are: First, an opportunity to encourage and equip you to be a positive change in your immediate area. Second, an invitation to help me do good in my immediate local community (the "Triangle"; Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, NC).




Those in need that God brings into my life. I also work with Raleigh Rescue Mission, Brown Bag Ministries and Melanie Stewart as a "Trench Worker". I don't judge who needs help, why they got there or where they're going.  The need is immediate and the service must be as well. I'm just told to go and do.




By being made aware of the plight of people living around you, how you can help and by working together to get the needs met. No fees, no middle man, no fine print. By being who God made us to be - acting first, funding second - we can put money directly in the pockets of those we are called to serve.




On Sundays, I'll post the information (who we are helping and the Ebay link) simultaneously on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and to my email lists. I will place the item for auction on Ebay and it usually runs for 24 hours. I'll pay the fees, the postage and all peripheral costs; 100% of the final bid will go to the need identified that week.  Let me say it again: All of the proceeds - 100% - will go to people in need.  I'll post some about the people we're trying to help that week and a link to the auction to buy a piece of art that will help. So... buy something for yourself, someone else (my favorite option!), a teacher, friend, co-worker, etc.  Please let them know why you bought art, who YOU helped by purchasing it - and most importantly - how you can see and help these people in your own community.


Everyone is invited to reach their hand out in help or need.



Cary, NC  27519